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Focus Team Leadership Training

'Training the Mission Leaders of Tomorrow' with a mission to influence the upcoming leadership generation through specific training to impact their sphere of influence, in their communities.

Partner with us

Whether it is by attending a training seminar, a mission exposure trip, joining us in prayer for Africa, or being involved through service and financial support, the essence of involvement is through a partner relationship.

Research: The Church in Crises

Exploring the Church in Sub-Saharan Africa’s Responses to Global Crises: Strategies, Challenges, and Impact
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Mission Exposure Trips

Mission, Outreach, Training, Exposure - concepts that need to be experienced to fully understand what it means to be...
'On mission with God'.
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Missional Leadership Training

Training consists of various workshop-style gatherings where existing and upcoming mission leaders are equipped to enhance in what they are already doing.

Pray for Africa

By praying once every week for an African nation, you can successfully pray through the entire African continent each year.

Partner Feedback

  • FTLT's strategy is simple. Identify the young people that are called. Train them to be effective, help them to discover their purpose and launch them into their own ministry...
    Francois Verster
  • The Missional Training School year and volunteering years after that had a significant impact on my life. I have been "on mission with God" ever since, and nothing can change that...
    Brumilda Page
  • In a moment, I realised how life can be lived to its fullest…by ’authentically' sharing the compassion God has for me, with others.
    God is with you as you ‘go’ through life’s paths…the question MOTE asked me was “Am I on the Lord's Way?”.
    Pierre Jacobs

Financial Support

It is in appreciation to friends, family, churches and businesses that FTLT has left its footprint (since 2004) across the African continent. It would not have been possible otherwise.

About us

FTLT (Focus Team Leadership Training) is an organisation that was established in 2004 and is based in Pretoria, South Africa.
The vision of the organisation is to "Train the Mission Leaders of Tomorrow" with a mission to influence the upcoming leadership generation through specific training that will empower them to impact their sphere of influence in their own communities.

Email: adriaan@ftlt.org 

Phone: (+27) 82 770 5310

Address: 32 Umgazi rd, Ashlea Gardens, Pretoria

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